Winnipeg Fringe: Hockey Night at the Puck & Pickle Pub (4 Stars)

Hockey Night at the Puck & Pickle Pub

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

4 Stars

What do you get with you put two talented Fringe actors playing a handful of different characters in a pub with a roomful of hockey fans?

Cheerful pandemonium.  And that’s a wonderful thing.


Hockey Night at the Puck & Pickle Pub is chock full of gags, banter and enough hockey references to keep any sports fan happy.  Paterson and Gladstone are two talented Fringe Veterans who are clearly having a great time onstage – even when they drop character to indulge in a laugh or stop the show for an impromptu audience exchange, it was all part of the overall fun.


A lot of the dialogue – especially the faster phrases – were lost with the sound amplification, however that did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the show.


Silly, naughty, and irreverent, this hockey themed two-hander scores.

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