Winnipeg Fringe: Evacuated! (5 Stars)


Winnipeg Fringe Festival

5 Stars

This show surpassed my expectations.  Based upon the sparse program blurb and the basic poster design, I expected another self-indulgent personal narrative story, which is becoming increasingly common at the Winnipeg Fringe.


I couldn’t have been more wrong.  And I am delighted about that.  ‘Evacuated!’ is a fascinating true story about a year in the life of actor Erika Kate MacDonald.  It is presented as a series of narrated ‘photograph’ vignettes, which are drawn together to present an overall image – sometimes terrifyingly real, sometimes dreamy and ethereal.


MacDonald is instantly likeable.  She immediately captures the hearts of the audiences, and kept them rapt throughout.  The writing is top-notch, the direction is tight, and the material is original and truly interesting.


Creatively presented and beautifully written, this is Fringe fare at its best.

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