Winnipeg Fringe: Shark Weak: Nothing to Fear (4 Stars)

Shark Weak: Nothing to Fear

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

4 Stars


Who knew fear would sell so well?


Comedian and actor Shelby Bond returns to the Winnipeg Fringe, with a thoughtful, funny and well-crafted exploration of fear: What is reasonable to fear, how to face one’s fears, and…sharks.


Bond is personable and charming – a show about fears could easily descend into a serious monologue, but Bond’s ability to laugh at himself universalizes the experience, and keeps the overall mood from becoming lugubrious.  His attempts to overcome his shark phobia is comedic gold, and the full house was well-deserved.


Whether sharks, needles, heights or Fringe Shows are your phobia, don’t fear taking a chance on Shelby Bond’s latest Fringe offering.

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