Interesting in submitting a review for Fringe Review Canada?

It’s easy.  Just follow these simple guidelines:

– Reviews should be between 200-500 words

– We use the 1-5 star rating system.  Don’t forget to assign stars!

– We are not here to be hurtful or to slam anyone’s art.  We know how hard performers work to bring their shows to the stage, and we deeply respect that.  Even if you feel that what you’ve seen is truly awful, try to find something positive to include.

– We strive to be objective.  In other words, it isn’t about how good the clown show is compared to the musical.  Know (or research) the genre you are reviewing, so that things can be rated fairly.

– Proofread!  Check your spelling (especially of the Artists’ names).  Also, artists love pullquotes.  If you love the show, stick in a few glowing words for them to use later on a poster or on their webpage.

– Send completed reviews to:

**Fringe Artists!**  Who better to review a Fringe Show than a Fringe artist?  Feel free to submit impartial, well-written reviews of the shows that you see…

There are just 2 extra guidelines for artists:

1- You cannot review your own show

2- You cannot review the show of anyone with whom you are professionally connected.

Sounds fair?  It is!  So let the reviewing begin!