Review: The Inventor of All Things (5 Stars)

The Inventor of All Things (Jem Rolls)

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

5 Stars


Jem Rolls is known throughout the Fringe circuit for his performance poetry.  He does what he does very well, and people generally know what to expect.  That is, until now.

Instead of using his own life as inspiration for his poetry (indeed, instead of reciting poetry at all), Rolls tells the “amazing, true story of forgotten genius Leo Szilard.”  And Rolls clearly has both passion and knowledge, because his telling is captivating.  His prose is poetic in a way that is almost musical.  The script is stuffed full of interesting facts and historic figures who are incorporated into Szilard’s story.  It’s fast-paced, exciting, poignant, and I left feeling as if I’d experienced something really special.

(And the moment where the entire room applauded for ‘The Hungarian Jew that bested the Nazis was pretty wonderful.  I wanted to stand up and cheer.  Bravo Szilard, and bravo Rolls, for creating this wonderful show.)

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