Review: Nothing to Declare (5 Stars)

Nothing to Declare (Eric DeWaal)

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

5 Stars


After 60 minutes of listening to Erik deWaal relate his travel adventures (and woes), I was exhausted.  Like everyone who’s ventured overseas, I have my fair share of travel stories.  But… being held at gunpoint?  Hitchhiking?  The leg story?

Erik deWaal, you officially win travel.  Also storytelling.  The tales are well-crafted, the writing first-rate, and the connection deWaal forges with the audience is captivating.

Never mind travel-size shampoo.  I think I’d like to take deWaal on my next trip overseas.  Since everything dire seems to happen to him, he’d probably get mauled by a rabid alpaca or kidnapped by organ thieves and I would emerge unscathed.  But even though experiencing a deWaalian (should be a word) adventure would be fascinating, it’s probably safer to simply see his show once again.

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