Review: Adam Bailey is On Fire (3.5 Stars)

Adam Bailey is on Fire (Adam Bailey)

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

3.5 Stars


This one-man personal monologue, about growing up as the gay son of an evangelical music director, is definitely worth seeing.  Adam is a likeable actor, and the story – while yet another of the personal monologues that we see with alarming regularity on the Fringe circuit – is nevertheless compelling.

The props were a nice touch, and the story moved well – pacing and writing were very good.  My only complaint is that at times, the show seemed over-rehearsed.  As if Adam was trying so hard to ‘play’ Adam, that the honesty and spontaneity were lost.  The few times when Adam’s true character were revealed were more effective than the glossiest, most heavily directed script.

I overheard someone in the audience say that this is a new work, and I’m sure that with time, it will become even better.  Congrats, Adam, for an impressive fringe debut.

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