Regina Fringe: The Cockwhisperer (3 Stars)

The Cockwhisperer

Regina Fringe Festival

3 Stars

Part personal monologue and part stand-up comedy, Colette Kendall’s one-woman show didn’t seem to know exactly what it should be.  It started with a stand-up comedy routine, which often didn’t seem to quite land with the audience.  Twice, Kendall blamed the audience for not ‘getting’ the jokes, which was offputting.  The constant physical movement onstage pulled focus from the words, and for much of the show, the narrative appeared to be written more like a story than a script and felt more recited than natural.


However, about partway though the show, the pace settled into a compelling and interesting story.  Kendall is a likeable performer, and by the end, she seemed to make a real connection with the audience.

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