Regina Fringe: The Ballad of Frank Allen – (4 Stars)


The Ballad of Frank Allen

Regina Fringe Festival

4 Stars


This two-hander is a thoroughly enjoyable comic romp. The premise is a very Fringey version of ‘Ratatouille’:  a man is living in another man’s beard, and can (sometimes) control his movements, and (sometimes) communicate with him.  Why?  Because it’s Fringe!  Why not?


The performers are genuinely likeable, and were able to be comic without being crass.  The audience was drawn into the story, and clearly had a wonderful time (as evidenced by the standing ovation at the show’s end).  The mix of story and songs worked well, and both the audience and the actors were clearly having a wonderful time throughout.


Zany, clever Fringe fare that will leave you laughing.

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