Regina Fringe: The Prehistory of Moses P – (5 Stars)

The Prehistory of Moses P

Regina Fringe Festival

5 Stars


Erik deWaal is a master storyteller.  From the images he evokes to the timbre and tone of his voice subtly shifting to create a dramatic arc, watching one of his shows is an delight.  And ‘The Prehistory of Moses P’, a tale of apartheid South Africa, is one of his finest works.


The story which deWaal recounts is a tale of ordinary people living in extraordinary times, and although apartheid South Africa is a thing of the past, the sentiments are very relevant to our current political climate.


The story drew in the audience from the start, and held their attention throughout.  DeWaal’s musical voice and impeccable dramatic timing has created a strong, stirring piece of theatre that should not be missed.

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