Bubble Show: Milkshake And The Winter Bubble – 5 Stars

Milkshake and the Winter Bubble

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

5 Stars

It is a rare thing, where a children’s show is exciting and compelling for both adults and kids alike. And Milkshake and the Winter Bubble – the most recent offering from the Bubble Show team, is exactly that.

A retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson’s 1845 tale The Little Match Girl, Milkshake and the Winter Bubble uses music, puppetry and – of course – bubbles, to create a beautiful and engrossing tale. There were moments which had the kids shrieking with delight, as well as quiet scenes where the children sat in rapt attention of the story being told. There were bubbles enough for all, and at the show’s end, each child had a chance to stand in their own giant bubble, to the delight of them and their camera-wielding parents.

This is the most energetic, dynamic children’s show that I have ever seen, and it is a truly a highlight of this year’s festival.

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