13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene” – 5 Stars

13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene”

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

5 Stars

This show left me speechless. Not just me – an entire theatre sat in silence for an hour as we pretty much had our minds blown.

I don’t want to give anything away. But this is a ghost story which is at least partly true. It melds music and shadow puppetry and storytelling and acting and it is everything a Fringe show should be. The actors – Paul Strickland and Erika Kate MacDonald – are immensely talented and impressively versatile, and the story is well-written, and genuinely spooky.

See this show. Look up the story of “Eugene”, and rediscover a piece of history that was almost forgotten. Then lie in the dark, ponder the dead dreams as presented by Strickland and MacDonald, and probably never sleep again.

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