The World’s Fattest Contortionist – 3 Stars

The World’s Fattest Contortionist Presents: “The 5 Star Revue ”

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

3 Stars

This show was, in many ways, an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Was it a hot mess, using cheap humour and shock tactics to keep the audiences’ attention? Was it a artistic and clever homage to historic sideshow? Was it something else entirely?

I – and most of the people in the audience – honestly couldn’t tell. I don’t want to give much away, since the shock value of the various routines are integral to the full experience. However I will say that the audience was, in turn, laughing and horrified. This is also one of the only shows (and I’ve seen a lot of shows), where I honestly thought I might throw up. And hey, if that was the goal (and it might well have been), the show was an unequivocal success. I think.

In the words of one audience member, as she left the theatre: “I was so disgusted but it was so stupid.” It was disgusting, but it may have been more clever than she – and most of us – realized. Or, you know, maybe not…

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