The Walk in the Snow – 5 Stars

  The Walk in the Snow

London Fringe Festival

5 Stars

This show is a fascinating recounting of an almost-forgotten moment in scientific history, the aftermath of which (among other things), significantly overshadowed simple story leading to a world-changing discovery.

Jem Rolls is a consummate storyteller, whose passion for the history of Lise Meitner is evident. His seamless melding of poetry, humour and casual asides make this story – and the characters involved – come to life.

Rolls had my attention from the moment I entered the theatre, with European violin music interspersed with audio from a Nazi rally creating immediate context for his story. I was enthralled with the story itself, and with Rolls’ technical prowess as storyteller.

A gem of a tale – recounted with passion and prowess – that shouldn’t be missed.

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