Heirloom Toys – 3 Stars

Heirloom Toys

Edmonton Fringe Festival (Reviewed at the Ottawa Fringe)

3 Stars


This is an enjoyable circus-themed show, with some impressive stunts and interesting sets and costumes.  The performers seem to truly enjoy being onstage, and connect well with each other and the audience.


The plot seems at times thematically representative, and at others specific – is it telling an actual stories?  Are the characters the same throughout?  Are these short vignettes?  It is never exactly clear.  Also, audiences are accustomed to first-rate circus acts, and at times these acrobats seemed a bit unsure during their stunts; I found myself actually worried that something might go wrong.


This is family-friendly, and would be enjoyed by older children more than adults.  Young children may find the lack of dialogue confusing, and one of the characters a bit frightening.  However, overall this show was enjoyable and worth seeing.

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