The Robber Bridegroom: A Grimm Fairy Tale – 4 Stars

The Robber Bridegroom

Victoria Fringe Festival

4 Stars

**Guest Review by Simon Bjerksen**

This show was a visual feast. From the exquisitely made and very expressive puppets to the interesting use of set, props and costumes, the play had me engaged from beginning to end – which is saying something because a big chunk of the show had no dialogue at all. The music and soundscapes are what really stood out for me, though. They amplified the eeriness of the show and added a lot to the storytelling from the performers, each of whom did an excellent job. The puppetry was specific, evocative and though not always perfect, was pretty darn close.

The story itself, though not well known and certainly not known to me, was creepy and macabre, but had many recognizable tropes from other Grimm fairy tales such as “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Hansel & Gretel”. It centered on a miller’s daughter who was getting married to a stranger and her journey on how she got to where she was. The team took a two hundred year old story and brought it to life in a visceral and meaningful way in the 21st century. The end of the show was unexpected, unlike anything I’ve seen at the Fringe before, and it left me thinking as well as feeling. If you have any interest in puppetry of fairy tales, I’m sure you’ll love this show.

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