The I Hate Children Children’s Show – Edinburgh Fringe – 5 Stars

The ‘I Hate Children’ Children’s Show

Edinburgh Fringe

5 Stars


“Champagne is like happiness in a bottle that you’re not allowed to drink.” (From IHCCS)


From the moment this Fringe favourite began, it was an unvarnished delight.  Cheeky, irreverent, and adored by both parents and children alike, this is the sort of Fringe treat that is worth the trip to Edinburgh to see.  San Franciscan Paul Nathan (clad in a cheerfully lurid purple frock coat), and his sidekick Ken Newman (who provides both underscoring and musical commentary on his guitar), are a winning duo, who take as much delight in performing as the audience did in watching them.


Nathan’s deadpan approach is a welcome change for a children’s show, and the children clearly adored both the impressive magic, as well as the hilariously bombastic insults directed their way.  Whether you have kids, hate kids, or just need a good laugh, this is a Fringe must-see.



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