Be Prepared- Edinburgh Fringe – 4 Stars

Be Prepared

Edinburgh Fringe

4 Stars

In Be Prepared, which recently opened at the Edinburgh Fringe, Lesley Stone shines as the delightful, somewhat hapless but always funny, badge-obsessed founder of ‘Guides Reunited’, a fictional new branch in the Girl Guiding movement.


Stone is consistently entertaining throughout the show: With Guiding anecdotes, clever adages and witty songs.  Highlights of the show were the audience singalong about a frustrated donkey, as well as the ‘litterbug’ rap, complete with baseball cap decorated with badges and ‘singing’ reach extender.


After the show, I found myself still chuckling over Stone’s humour, and enthusiastically making the three-fingered Girl Guide salute.  Stone is a natural comedienne, and she uses both her considerable charm, as well as the nostalgia factor of the Guiding movement to win the hearts of her delighted audience.


If there were a badge for ‘Fringe Performing’, Stone would certainly deserve it!


R. Young

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