Review: Singing at the Edge of the World (4 Stars)

Singing at the Edge of the World (Randy Rutherford Presents)

Saskatoon Fringe Festival

4 Stars


At first, this seems like a perfectly pleasant personal monologue.  Young Randy works in Alaska…he’s a musician…he’s in love…and then he begins to lose his hearing.

Music, Love and Hearing Loss are themes that run through many of Rutherford’s shows.  And, as with the others, this one seemed like a well-told story, punctuated with the occasional verse of a song, until…

You realize that Randy – that the Randy who is recounting the story in his carefully modulated tone, who is strumming his guitar and singing along, on pitch and tunefully, is mostly deaf.  This realization comes slowly, but by the end of the show, one realizes how truly talented Randy Rutherford is.

The story does drag a bit at times, and it would have been nice to hear more singing.  But aside from that, Rutherford’s story was compelling and well-presented, and the small but appreciative audience truly enjoyed hearing it.

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