Review: Hitler’s L’il Abomination (4.5 Stars)

Hitler’s L’il Abomination (Annette Roman)

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

4.5 Stars

Hitler's Lil Abomination

Annette Roman shines in this Autobiographical exploration of home, family, and the question: who exactly is the enemy?

In her (true) story, Roman’s Hitler Youth mother is loving and supportive.  Her concentration camp-survivor father is borderline abusive.  And Roman?  Well, if WWII had never happened, she would never have been born.

Roman’s story is honest and well-told.  Her skill as both a writer and a storyteller is apparent, and the audience was completely drawn in.  The characters she portrayed were mostly well-done (at times, however, it did get confusing about who she was supposed to be), and Roman’s plucky character shines through, even through the dark moments of her history.

A thoughtful, intelligent show, this is Fringe fare well worth seeing.

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