Terrible Sex Tips – Four Stars

Terrible Sex Tips

Edinburgh Fringe

4 Stars

Likely every woman out there has at least flipped through a few ‘sex tips’ articles, in airports, train stations or waiting rooms.  And they have – at least fleetingly – mused about the veracity of the magazines’ claims.


Cameryn Moore, former phone-sex operator and the self-professed ‘Smut Lady of Edinburgh’, debunks the corporate-inspired ‘sex tip’ myths, as she seamlessly segues between graphic revelations and tender personal anecdotes with conversational aplomb.   She is instantly likeable, and her irreverent charm connected with the audience as she casually discussed several related topics, ranging from youthful self-expression to an erotic experience with craft supplies.


Moore is a powerhouse of energy, and her passion for her subject matter is evident.  The audience appeared delighted throughout, and Moore’s sparkling personality and skill as a storyteller makes this a must-see show.

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