Review: That’s Correct (2 Stars)

That’s Correct (Leaping Ovation Entertainment)

Saskatoon Fringe Festival

2 Stars


The bar is high for improv at the Fringe.  And the bar is even higher for improv that comes out of Edmonton, well known for Gordon’s Big Bald Head, as well as other talented local groups.

Unfortunately, the bar is a bit too high for this likeable Edmonton troupe.  They announced in the show that improv is “all about having fun”.  And it seemed like they had a marvelous time.  The show, however, just wasn’t all that good.  The microphone levels were far too high, the game show premise just didn’t make any sense (and why did the points always stay at 0?) and the short-form improv construct should have been explained for the large section of the audience that admitted they had never attended an improv show before.

Again, the actors clearly love what they’re doing.  There were laughs throughout, but unfortunately, few of those came from the audience.  A good effort, but it just didn’t quite work.

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