Review: Mittelschmerz (2.5 Stars)

Mittelschmerz (Kim Zeglinski)

Regina Fringe Festival

2.5 Stars


This show is meant to be an edgy exploration of aging, relationships, and the menstrual cycle.  It was well-attended and well put-together, and other people seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.  However, for me, the topic seemed somewhat over-rehearsed and self-indulgent.

The topics of ‘Motherhood’ and ‘Menopause’ have been “theatred” (and yes, that’s now a word) almost to death.  To make a fresh, successful show with those central topics takes skill and subtlety, and Zeglinski tried.  However, in the end the piece felt somewhat unnecessary, and not particularly edgy, just uncomfortable.

Perhaps I’m the wrong demographic for Mittelschmerz, but it just didn’t capture (or keep) my attention.

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