Review: Magic Unicorn Island (4.5 Stars)

Magic Unicorn Island

Victoria Fringe Festival

4.5 Stars


In Magic Unicorn Island, Jayson MacDonald creates the world.  No, not ‘a’ world, but the word.  This one.  With planets and waters and stars.  And people.  And war.  And a dystopic future that is, dismayingly, not unfathomable.

In MacDonald’s version of our world, the children have had enough.  The bees are dying, the government is taking over, and their future – their world – is in danger.  And so, they run.  Run off to an island somewhere…somehow.  Build a working society.  Become a peaceful international presence.

And, in this modern parable, nothing has value.  Not peace.  Not nature.  Not even children, and, by definition, the future.

MacDonald is a gifted actor.  His characterizations are clear, and they work well.  The ‘world-creation’ segment at the beginning runs on a bit, but it’s soon forgotten in the fast-paced story that follows.  The audience was drawn in completely, and when the show ended there was a long moment of silence – as the watchers wrenched themselves out of MacDonald’s very real world.

An impressive and important piece of theatre, written and performed by an actor with considerable talent.

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