Becoming Magic Mike – 3.5 Stars

Becoming Magic Mike

Ottawa Fringe Festival

3.5 Stars

“Becoming Magic Mike” is a 4+ Star show in its early days. Although still somewhat rough around the edges, it is genuinely funny and has the makings of a future fringe hit.

DK Reinemer is genuinely likeable, and he makes an instant connection with the audience. His ability to portray different characters within the same conversation is impressive, and his physical energy keeps the show exciting throughout.

There are several small things which will naturally improve through subsequent performances: The sound cues did not always sync with the physical actions, and there were a few slips on names and other lines.

But none of that matter, really, because the audience was enthralled for the duration of the show, and had a marvelous time. Highly recommended, both here in its early days, and at future festivals where it will hit its stride.

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