A Solo From the Pit – 5 Stars

  A Solo From the Pit

London Fringe Festival

5 Stars

Elias Faingersh is a virtuosic performer with a fascinating story to tell.  His show – one of many he performs worldwide – recounts Faingersh’s journey as a music student living in 1990s New York, “Where from the car horns to gunshots, there was music everywhere”.  The career choices he made and his time as a substitute musician at the Metropolitan Opera are the core themes to this piece, and this story alone would be enough to engross an audience.  However, added to this are several opera and original pieces built on the spot, using a looper and Faingersh’s considerable talent.


This is a creative telling of a story that rings true to any musician.  The language is evocative (the audience could feel what it was like to enter the Metropolitan Opera House), and the gorgeous (and at times humourous) music appealed to all ages.  A gem of a show, with a top-notch performer.

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